Janmashtami Pooja Decoration


Janmashtami pooja decoration sets the right mood and environment for celebration

as well as for grand pooja. In fact, decorations bring in the essence of festivity. Similarly, for the festivity of Janmashtami, devotees plan for special divine pooja decorations. So, if you are also planning to perform Janmashtami pooja this year, then also organize for Janmashtami pooja decoration.

Janmashtami is the divine day, especially devoted to the worshipping of Lord Krishna. It is the perfect time to give a decorative and festive makeover to your ‘pooja ghar’, kitchen, drawing and other rooms of the house. The center of attraction of the day is the puja ghar. It should be brightly decorated to welcome Lord Krishna and fill your house with His blessings. Check out different Janmashtami pooja decorations ideas here at 123janmashtami.com:

  • You can decorate the house with different decorative items available in the market. There are innumerable item that you can purchase and decorate the house.

  • Besides, different luminaries and blinking lights are also used to decorate the house and the worship room.

  • Different kinds of toys are assembled and decorated in the room. It is believed that the newborn child will play with these toys

  • Among the other decorations, one must not forget the cradle of the Lord. Even the cradle of the newborn should also be decked up. You can extensively make use of flowers, diyas and candles for decorating your house.

  • You can also use different sculptures and idols of Shri Krishna. There are the most appealing decorative pieces where Krishna is playing flute or He is with beloved Radha. The Janmashtami puja can be performed with these idols and hence, can be placed in the puja room

  • There are colorful Krishna wall hangings that be purchased also. These are the most popular Janmashtami pooja decoration item. For the festive look, you can also decorate embroidered cloth panels depicting Bal Gopal and his life.

  • Varied door hangings with pictures of Lord Krishna look unique Janmashtami pooja decorations.

  • There are banners too with ‘Shubh Janmashtami’ written on it. You can make use of them too for Krishna Janmashtami.