Janmashtami Calendar


Janmashtami calendar will let us know about the different dates of Janmashtami celebration all over the nation. The calendar of Janmashtami dates entirely depends on the Hindu calendar. The Hindu calendar show days and dates according to the movement of the sun and the moon or a combination of both or by the Indian Zodiac signs called 'rashis'.

Let us find out more about Hindu Janmashtami calendar.
  • Janmashtami calendar dates are decided as per the Hindu calendar.
  • According to the Hindu calendar, lunar months are further divided on the basis of 'bright half' and the 'dark half'.
  • Bright half refers to the time span from a new moon to full moon whereas dark half refers to the time span between a full moon and the next moon.
  • There is a difference between the shorter lunar and the longer solar calendar. For this, the dates of various Hindu festivals keep on changing. 

    Janmashtami Calendar

    Year Date and Month
    201417th August
    20155th September
    201625th August
    201715th August
    20183rd September
    201923rd August
    202012th August

    NOTE: The dates for the Janmashtami celebration might change with some change in the position of moon.



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