Lord Krishna


A wave of happiness, the blowing of conches, ringing of bells and lots of delectable food to eat describes the celebration of Janmashtami. The festival will be observed on 28nd of August month 2013. People remain busy preparing for the grand pooja event and worship of Lord Krishna. In fact, the day is celebrated in order to welcome Him on this earth and everyone offer him prayers and sing devotional Janmashtami ‘bhajans’ to praise Him. Let us know more about Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna’s birth.

Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and was born to Devaki and Vasudeva in Mathura. According to Hindu mythology, the people of Mathura were extremely unhappy with the wicked king Kansa. He had put King Ugrasen (his father) in prison and later declared himself to be the king of Mathura. Hence, Lord Vishnu decided to put an end to his cruelty and decided to take birth on Earth. Therefore, Lord Krishna was born.

Legends and varied others sources reveal that Lord Krishna or Govardhan was born in the month of Shravana on the 8th day of the second fortnight. Shri Krishna was a Yudhuvanshi and was popularly known as ‘makhan chor’ (thief of butter). Yashodha and Nand of Gokul brought him up. Actually, the term Krishna means, “an individual always in the transport of joy”. It also means “Black”. Lord Krishna’s complexion was dark and hence, he was named so.

Lord Krishna is known by many different names and some popular names of the God are Bal Gopal, Giridhar, Nandgopal, Shyamsundar, Madhav, Banvari, Vasudev and Gopal. As a child, Lord Krishna was very naughty and used to steal butter, milk, buttermilk and other milk products with his friends. In fact, the present tradition of breaking ‘dahi handi’ was the favorite mischief of the God. As he loved milk and milk products, he used to break numerous ‘dahi handis’ and eat the contents of the pot.