Different Names of Shri Krishna


The eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Shri Krishna is known by different names. Most of his names have some inherent meaning. Indeed, he is the most honored God according to the Hindu religion. Legends have that the family priest, Acharya Garga of the Yadavas named the Lord as the ‘Shri Krishna’. The name has its reference in the dark complexion of the God. Besides, the God is also popularly known as ‘Shyamsundar’ for the same reason. However, the good was good looking with chiseled features. So, do you want to know about different names of Shri Krishna, you have visited the right website—123janmashtami.com.

Check out some of the well known names of Shri Krishna with its meanings:

  • Bal Gopal—Young Krishna (childhood name)
  • Madhav—Husband of Lakshmi, goddess of fortune
  • Giridhari—The lifter of Govardhan Hill
  • Banvari—Resident of groves of Vrindavan
  • Gopal—Protector of Cows
  • Anant—the Infinite )
  • Ajay—Victorious
  • Murlidhar—The one with Flute
  • Niranjan—Honorable
  • Hari—Shri Hari or God
  • Ananghaya—The One without Sins
  • Ilapataye—Lord of Earth
  • Govinda—Lord of Cows
  • Vasudev—Son of Vasudev
  • Parthasarthi—Chariot driver of Arjuna
  • Jagannath—Lord of the World
  • Govardhanchalo Dhartreya—The Lifter of Govardhan Hill
  • Sarva Palakaya—Protector of all beings
  • Baline—All-powerful Lord
  • Syamantake Maner Hartre—One who stole Syamantaka gem
  • Madhughne—Killer of demon Madhu
  • Brindavane Sancarine—One roaming in Brindavan city
  • Kama Janakaye—One generating desires in worldly mind
  • Satya SDnkalp—Lord of true resolve
  • Vishnava—To Lord Vishnu
  • Satyabhama Rataya—Lover of Satyabhama
  • Satyavacha—Speaker of truth
  • Vidurakrura Varadaya—Giver of boon to Vidur and Akrur
  • Jayine—The ever victorious Lord
  • Mushtikasura Chanura Mallayudha-visharadaya—One who is an expert wrestler, killed two demons Mushtikasura and Chanura