Krishna Bal Leela


Krishna Bal Leela as the name suggests, relates to the different activities of the God while He was a small child. 'Bal' is a Hindi term meaning a child. So, let us find out about different amazing events that took place from His birth till the age of ten. He was a divine child was evident from various incidents in Gokul.

  • The very first incident revealed that the God was born with heavenly form. The baby God had a lotus sign on his palms and there was a swastika sign on his sole. He was wearing a yellow colored silk cloth and a crown decked with emeralds.
  • Some other Krishna Bal Leela episodes include killing a she-devil Putana and demon Trinivarta. According to legends, the Lord's maternal uncle sent Putana in order to kill the baby. She smeared her breast with poison and fed Lord Krishna. However, while sucking milk, baby Krishna sucked her life out and killed her.
  • Again, King Kansa sent Demon Trinivarta in order to kill Shyamji. The demon took the form of a storm and took away the child. But as he reached the sky, he could not carry the weight of the child further. In vain, he fell to the ground and died. While dying he took his original form and Yashoda was amazed to see her son lying on a dead demon.

  • According to mythology, the small baby once overturned the cart full of milk in order to drink it, as he was hungry. Again, once Mata Yashoda was playing with the child Krishna. Krishna was feeling sleepy and yawned. Then, Yashoda could see the whole cosmos in his mouth.
  • There is yet another popular folklore that once Bal Gopal went to a fruit seller and asked her to give Him fruits in return for handful of grains. As the kid was very loving and adored, the fruit seller gave the fruits, kept the grains in her basket and went home. To her surprise, when she opened the basket she found her basket shimmering with precious stones and gems instead of grains.
  • In another incident, the God broke the milk pot of a village girl. Then, she went to Mata Yashoda to complain about His mischief. To her utter surprise, she found the little Krishna standing beside His mother. This incident proves that the God is omnipresent.
  • His stories of bravery from Bal Leela are also very famous. There is also a story when small child Krishna manages to get the ball back from 'Kalia' serpent for his friends. Again, once the little God lifted the Govardhan hill in order to save the villagers from violent storms and whirlwinds. So, episodes of Krishna Bal Leela are quite interesting.



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