Shri Krishna and Putana


The story of Shri Krishna and Putana is also related to the conspiracy of Kansa in order to kill the Lord. Kansa planned anything to kill him but every time the God was saved. So, let us find out about the famous poisonous milk-sucking episode of Shri Krishna and Putana. Putana was a demoness and send by Kansa to kill the Lord. Let us know the whole story of the Godís killing and ultimate victory.

Kansa of Mathura was an evil, wicked and ambitious king. He was the brother of Devaki and maternal uncle of Shri Krishna. He put his father Ugrasen in jail and became the king. The people of Mathura were really terrorized by him. Hence, Lord Vishnu decided to end his rule and take birth on the earth. One day there was heavenly prophesy that that the eighth child of his sister would kill him. Kamsa was enraged and imprisoned Devaki, his sister and Vasudeva her husband.

Then he killed every child of the couple as they were born. But just the midnight when the eighth child was born, the skies roared and Lord Vishnu advised Vasudeva to take the child across the river Yamuna to the village of Gokul and exchange with the daughter of Yashoda in Gokul. This girl child was the incarnation of the Goddess and announced that the destroyer of Kansa is alive. So, the event of the Shri Krishna and Putana continued.

Kansa was in continuous search of the baby child of Devaki. He came to know that he was in Gokul and hence, in order to kill the little divine child he employed the she-devil Putana. She was specially treated to murder the child. To do so, she smeared her breast with poison and went to breast fed the baby. She disguised as a nymph and appeared in Gokul. But the God saw through the game and as the baby sucked the milk, the demon fainted. This was a miracle. According to the legends, while sucking the milk, the God sucked the life out of the demoness and she died. The plot of Kansa to kill the God foiled.




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