Teachings of Lord Krishna


On the event of Janmashtami celebrations, let us know about the teachings of Lord Krishna. Let us rejoice in the glory of the Lord and learn some of the important lessons that He has laid down in Bhagvad Gita. The different teachings delivered by Lord Niranjan are based on the various aspects of human life. In fact, the teachings of Lord Krishna given to Arjuna during the epic battle of Mahabharata are famous all over the world. No doubt, his teachings are relevant in the present world too for the mortal beings. These teachings are even crusaded by a number of devout ‘gurus’. Few of his important teachings are as follows:

  • Indriya-nigraham and yoga-sadhana:

    The senses to be put in their place and deliberate efforts to be consistently made to transcend the senses as well as rid oneself of all attachment

  • Advaita-bhavana-sahita bhakti:

    Dedication and devotion to the Supreme with an attitude of non-duality of the Supreme

  • Nishkama-svadharmacaranam:

    Doing one's duty without any attachment to either the fruits thereof or to the act itself in terms of doership.

  • Saranagati:

    The principle of surrender to the divine of everything that one calls his own and living up to that surrender.

  • Sama-drshti through brahma-bhavana:

    An equanimous view of the universe gained by a constant awareness of the omnipresent brahman

These are the five principles of the Lord for his loving human beings. It is definite that these culminate the gist of everything else being spoken of in the Gita. The fact, is, indeed confirmed by the Lord Himself when he summarizes the entire Bhagvada Gita in a nutshell. The last verse of the eleventh chapter says:

“Do your actions for My sake; Have me as your ultimate refuge; Be My devotee; Be rid of all attachment; Have no hate towards anything or anyone. Then you shall reach Me”

Some other teachings of Lord Krishna includes:
  • Glory of Satsanga
  • Importance of Meditation
  • Three fold way of Karma (action) Jnana (Knowledge) and Bhakti (Devotion) to Life Long Happiness
  • Being Free from all kinds of Positive as well as Negative Bondage




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