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Radha is Krishna's eternal consort. Like the sun and sunshine, Krishna and Radha are one. Radha was born in Barsana, a village about 8 kilometers from Vrindavan (in Uttar Pradesh), to the cowherd Vrishabhanu and his wife, Kamalavati. She was the dearest childhood friends of Krishna. Her love for Krishna was all consuming for she willingly ignored all the societal mores and obligations.

There were many gopis who were in love with Krishna, but it was the love of Radha that attracted Krishna towards them. It was Radha who gave the greatest pleasure to Krishna. In the divine relationship that was shared between Krishna and Radha it was Radha who played the dominant partner.

The Rasleela or the love game between Radha and Krishna was the embodiment of passion, devotion and spiritual. The Radha Krishna love for each other is pure and transcendental. It is said Krishna, the most loving god of Indian pantheon took immense delight in loving relationships for which he expanded himself into his feminine entity Radha. Therefore Radha is not different from Krishna but two entities with a single soul. . She was the shakti (energy) and like Krishna was the source of supreme godliness.

Radha is known by many names like the Govinda-anandini (one who gives pleasure to Govinda- the Krishna), Govinda mohini (one who enchants Radha), Shiromani Sarva-kanta- (the crown jewel of Lord's concert). One of her names Hara forms a part of the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra (vocative).

Today Radha and Krishna are universal symbols of lover and the beloved and are worshipped with complete devotion and respect all over the world.

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